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The new home of Wi-Fire SaaS solutions is coming on the 2nd February 2015.

Visit us then to see our exciting new SaaS packages that deliver real Return on Investment.

Wi-Fire is a range of unique Wi-Fi based products and services developed by Ctrlroom for the South African market.
It provides specific industries with customised business solutions that have or are seeking to have the Wi-Fi channel at their core.  This channel gives businesses a way to actively engage with the markets directly surrounding their stores. It also provides them with deep insight into their consumer profile, their behaviour and lifestyle interests. Wi-Fire does much more than just attract feet to your store. Our Wi-Fi solutions deliver measurable ROI for sales, marketing, business intelligence and merchandising functions.

All-in-one Wi-Fi Solution

Wi-Fire meets all the possible requirements a business could have for a Wi-Fi service, providing it with:

  • Broad connectivity options, from ADSL to 3G and satellite choices
  • Full hardware installation, rental and support
  • Flexible user authentication and access restrictions options
  • Proactive network management and issue resolution
  • Design and development of Wi-Fi pages
  • Access to Wi-Fire Dashboard and managed services
  • Detailed reporting on market insights and service status
  • Continuous product development and service expansion

Powerful Marketing

& Analytics Dashboard

The Wi-Fire Dashboard is a web based portal to directly access your Wi-Fi data analytics and manage your Wi-Fi hotspots. The dashboard gives you control over: your Wi-Fi pages branding and design, splash page marketing campaigns and user questionnaires. Wi-fire is progressively developing future services for enhanced business solutions and actively works with clients to achieve their business goals.

Tailored Business Solutions

Wi-Fire offers a broad range of specific services that meet the retail, hospitality, transport and event sectors.

Different businesses need to achieve different goals with their Wi-Fi service, whether
they are increased sales, reduced costs, greater marketing reach, enhanced consumer engagement and greater brand affinity.

Retail Wi-Fi

Financial Services, general, FMCG, CEG, shopping malls and centres

Hospitality Wi-Fi

Restaurants, hotels, clubs, bars, lounges, suites, stadium boxes

Wi-Fi at Events

Exhibition stands and halls, promotion venues, sporting events, guerilla Wi-Fi marketing

Custom Wi-Fi Solutions

Educational institutions, doctors rooms and transportation
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